Requiem of a Rainbow Coloured Teat 1976
Mixed Media 12" X 12"
Portrait of a Woman Marrying Herself 1977
Black and white photographic sequence

Te Papa Collection
Self Portrait 1982
Colour Photograph

Te Papa Collection
Breast Nest 1982
Mixed Media
Toured 'Mothers' show
Womens Gallery Collection
Auckland War memorial Museum

Love You Plate and Cups 1982
Hand coloured earthenware
Auckland War Memorial Museum Collection
Librium Blanket and the Sleepers and Dreamers totem
Denis Cohn Gallery 1983

1984 1983
Denis Cohn Gallery 1983

Porangi Box 1983
Mixed Media

Reproduced A Womans Picture Book, Spiral 1988

Handstand 1983

New Zealand Art- A Modern Perspective, pub 1986

Vado Italia 1984
4' X 3'
1st prize Montana Art Award 1985

Italian Journey 1985
6' X 30'
Exhibited "Content-Context" National Gallery 1986

for Fernando Pereira 1985
1217 X 1222
Acrylic on canvas

Te Papa Collection
Reproduced Michael Dunn A Consice History of New Zealand Painting 1991, Craftsman House

Post Modern Daydream 1986
6' X 8'
Acrylic on Canvas

Christchurch Art Gallery Collection

Return 1988
3 X (4' X 3')
Acrylic on canvas

University of Canterbury Collection

Orphean Desciderata 1988
22" X 30"
Mixed media on paper

Victoria University Collection

Renaissence Refugee
4' X 3'
Acrylic on canvas

Winner Tokoroa Art Award 1988
She Reconstructs Her Prehistoric Shopping List 1991
4 X 3 plus construction
Earth on canvas

University of Canterbury Collection

Promise Land 1993
Reproduced 100 New Zealand Paintings
Warwick Brown
Published 1995 Godwit

Lilian Ida Smith Award 1994

You Know What You Want To Know 1998
2 X (42" X 42")

Charts v Soundings - Some Small Navigation Aids
Sue Fitchett and Jane Zusters
Published by Spiral
Available at


Picnic With Tilly Boggs 2003
2 X (42" X 42")
Crossing Front Piece

Ceramic Mural reerected Artstation.
The mural was made under a PEP scheme 1981-2 by Zusters with the help of Joy Glascow and has been given a permanent Artstation installation after many years in storage.