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Where did you go to my lovelies

Buy this limited edition of 100 soft cover book $65 including postage.

If you would like to buy this book please send me an email to and I will invoice you with my bank details and upon payment will dispatch. There are 80 pages of my  life from the 70’s. There is a critical essay by Dr Andrew Paul Wood. This publication is priced at a price that reflects  my desire to share this work.

Dave Mitchell dresses up 1976




I am rapt that with the help of Mike Coker and Johnston Press I have produced yet another limited edition, high quality, digitally printed artist’s book. There are 76 pages with a hand printed, signed, archival cover in a numbered edition priced just to recover costs and get the work out there.

Contains 30 digital montages and footage from the Christchurch Earthquakes.

The acupuncture and massage therapist I sold your other book to said she does think it has healing qualities, and should be published in paperback. She is going to talk to some others about it herself.
All the best,
Kate Spenser of

Manchester Street one minute after February 22 quake at home Estuary Road