Where the home is : The Christchurch Earthquakes 2010-2012


Where the home is, is a richly beautiful, sturdily put together project; a precious and unusual memento of one of the most extraordinary events in New Zealand’s recent history.

Andrew Paul Woods

I have just finished doing the prints for my exhibitions coming up at the Forrester Gallery, Oamaru and The Aigantigne Gallery, Timaru. Where the home is : the Christchurch Earthquakes 2010-2012 showing at the Forrester Gallery, 9 Thames Street, Oamaru 13 April till 15 July in a joint exhibition with artist David Wooding’ of earthquake paintings called Out of Order. On Saturday 28th April at 4.30 there will be a floor talk with Jane and David along with Christchurch artist Ross Gray whose exhibition Span is on at the same time.

On Monday 14 at 5.30pm Where the home is will be opening at PaperGraphica, 192 Bealey Avenue,Christchurch along with Fire at home by Eion Stevens and Dining in by Kelvin Mann

Quakers billed as a pop-up photographic exhibition about the Christchurch earthquake will be on at the Aigantigne Gallery at Wai-iti Road, Timaru, 5 – 20 May 2012.

Where the home is; the Christchurch Earthquakes 2010 –2012

Those of us who live in Christchurch take home the sights and sounds of our post quake day-to-day lives. I first got the idea of putting homes with quakes by seeing the intimate details of a bathroom revealed when walls were shaken down. My art practice is often a response to the events of my life. On February 22, 2011, I was in Manchester St, when I was flung to the ground as all around me the buildings collapsed. If I had been standing where I was a minute before, I would have been showered with glass and rubble. I picked myself up and I took photographs as I joined the evacuation. My painting studio in Lichfield St, which I had left 10 minutes earlier, was badly damaged and has since been demolished. Over the last year I have taken thousands of earthquake photographs which I am montaging into the living rooms of my friends and family as a way of expressing “the new normal’ here in Christchurch. It is a juxtaposition of normal life and tragedy. My images originate in a reality that I have been experiencing along with all of us who continue to live in Christchurch. All of us have a story and this is my experience of these times.

I am rapt that with the help of Mike Coker and Johnston Press I have produced yet another limited edition, high quality, digitally printed artist’s book. There are 76 pages with a hand printed, signed, archival cover in a numbered edition of 45 priced just to recover costs and get the work out there. Have a look at my shop to see how to get your copy.

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  1. Sue Storey says:

    I would like to order a copy of the book .where the home is. Many thanks . Sue Storey

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