artist in search of a dying river and misc other


Recently Jane Zusters left the comfort of the studio above and went on a journey with her artist mate Ramonda te Maiharoa following the Murray River in Australia as a cautionary tale for what is in store for our Canterbury rivers. Watch this space to see where the results will be shown.

On the 21 st June she will be guest artist at the Ashburtion Society of Arts.

From the 8th to 10th of July she will be teaching her popular Painter’s Studio For the University Of Canterbury’s Continuing Education.

In August Tearaway will be opening at Quikcorp in High st, Christchurch. Watch this space for more details.

On the 20th August she will be showing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington in Artists as Activists along withBrian Turner, Sam Mahon, Grahame Sydney, Dean Buchanan, Michael Smither, Nick Dreyden and Don Binney.

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  2. allfine says:

    Dear Jane

    great to see what you are doing over there. It looks fun. LC

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