singing in the lifeboat opens 10 August

A unique, limited edition pre-publication subscription series

It’s a girl’s scrapbook and I like scrapbooks. This book’s got meat in it “
Malcolm McNeil

Opening 10 August at Mark Hutchins Gallery,
216 /A Willis St,
Central Wellington, New Zealand
ph 64 4 3859300

An edition of 45 numbered books, each in a unique, painted canvas satchel made by Jane Zusters herself and selling for $300 including GST. Proceeds to finance publication of a general print run. Orders to Mark Hutchins Gallery.
This well illustrated publication is the first book to survey the work of artist Jane Zusters. Comprising a foreword and chronology by Grant Banbury, with essays by Bridie Lonie, Cushla Parekowhai and Andrew Paul Wood exploring Jane Zusters’ innovative, multilayered art practice. Often concerned with an the interplay of personal identity – the self, history, and place – Zusters’ interests as an artist position her within the ever-changing playing-field of gender politics, contemporary interpretations of historical events, as well as specific ecological and conservation issues.

opening soon at Mark Hutchins Gallery Wellington

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3 Responses to singing in the lifeboat opens 10 August

  1. allie eagle says:

    Thinking of you Jane, love the sound of your book. keen to see the latest version of poisoning the monkey and hope I can make it to your show before it ends. Are you in Welly for the duration?

  2. Whetu Fala says:

    & tx for passing it on. Glad I’m up late, after wonderful Jane Zusters opening w great catalogue, inc Cushla Parekowhai interview…
    Marian Evans Twitter comment 10 August 2011

  3. Whetu Fala says:

    Tau ke Jane!

    Just wanted to pass on the Marian Evans comment on Twitter for you, sounds like the book launch was fantastic.

    Wish we had been there with you to celebrate your wonderful work AND book.

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