some 2015 highlights

Another  year is over and these have been my art highlights. Special thanks to all my wonderful friends and family for helping make this a great year.

Publishing where did you go to my lovelies and the very nice review in Art New Zealand by Don Abbott NO 156, SUMMER 2015 -16

….It is her knowing the subjects, her empathy with each of them, her belief in and commitment to the society that they collectively form that shines through and shapes the book. If you were part of that group this collection will have social resonance; if you were in Christchurch at the time you will recognise the city the book portrays; if you are politically empathetic you will cheer them on. Even if you are none of these this book is still for you. It is a book of growing up and growing wise, of social groups that form and shape lives, of the forces that bring people together and send them apart.

Being included in the Te Papa publication New Zealand Photography Collected by Athol McCredie.

Exhibiting at RM Gallery , K Rd Auckland in re reading the rainbow :

Being part of the touring show History in the taking: 40 Years of Photoforum which went to Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, being in the book Photoforum at 40 by Nina Seja and having Pink nude in blue pool go to China

thank you Liz Eastman for inviting me to exhibit at Tivoli on Waiheke Island and Cushla Parekowhai for her inspiring korero and Marc Boss for his publication Was there Jane Zusters at Tivoli 2015

photos by Marc Boss at Tivoli

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